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Creating Your Website

We do not construct and host thousands or even hundreds of websites but those we do are all highly regarded plus rank extremely well for their intended markets.

It is important to stress that a successful website requires genuine input from the client. Unless you are requesting your company brochure directly converting into a website, you will need to provide us with a lot of textual information plus imagery. Websites do not appear by themselves, they are created by very experienced designers and crucially by expert coders.

Many of the websites we have created are subject to an N.D.A. (Non Disclosure Agreement), quite simply many companies do not want others to know who created their highly successful websites.

Hosting & Templates

We host all our own websites on https secure servers using a Plesk web hosting platform. Comprehensive testing verifies them to constantly be faster than 90+% of all websites worldwide, they are located in the UK.

At the present time we basically use two standard templates designed in-house. It is important to note that for several years websites have been constructed specifically with mobile reponsive as the main criteria. They all look great on a full PC screen plus need to work on a 4/5/6" smartphone just the same.

Website Maintenance

We check our sites 24/7/365, no one can guarantee a 100% uptime however we're almost there! We update sites as and when required, especially for any new legal requirements, and your site will be checked regularly for relativity. Unless you require a substantial update, website improvements and additions are usually done free of charge.

Working Websites

The first listed website, is the one that started everything WWW for us. In 1993 we needed a company website and found someone who charged an awful lot of money for something that did not work well at all plus it was hosted on servers outside of our control, consequently we took the plunge and learnt html, the original website coding. As the years progressed, like many other Webmasters, our knowledge and eperience expanded, currently we only develop in HTML5, there are no plans for an HTML6, simply improvements to 5.

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Since 1993:
210+ Pages, 1,500+ Images, 16 Videos

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Since 1998:
1,500+ Pages, 10,000+ Images, 17 Videos

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Since 1999:
25 Pages, 300+ Images

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Since 1999:
120+ Pages, 500+ Images

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Since 2007:
120+ Pages, 500+ Images

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